July 28, 2010

Guy Walks Across America

This video is really cool! It was a Levi's ad... go figure... but wasn't made in a studio! They combined stop motion and time lapse photography and took a 2 week RV trip across America!

If you're curious as to how they made it, here you go!...

If you'd like to see a map of all the places they stopped at along the way, click here!

July 16, 2010

#3 Go to a drive-in movie

Since I was little I have always wanted to go to a drive-in movie. I finally went to one last night with some friends and it was pretty darn fun! Well, besides the annoying people next to us who wouldn't shut up and got in a screaming match with another car, but that's a story for another day ;]

Jeff and RayCray... awww young love! 

Laura Loo and I! 

There's nothing better than piling in a car with good friends, comfy blankets, and yummy treats and watching a good old fashioned drive-in movie! 

July 15, 2010



The season premiere of Psych was tonight! Needless to say, it was AMAZING! It's one of those shows where you can't help but rewind it dozens of times to re-watch funny parts, possibly peeing your pants in the process. I didn't pee my pants tonight, just in case you were wondering, but it was still awesome. And I may or may not have watched it sitting beside a pineapple. No big deal. It just felt right, okay?

I'm kind of obsessed with this show, in case you didn't already pick up on that little fact. I even won the Spot the Pineapple Sweepstakes last season! That was pretty much the best day of my life... as sad as that may seem.


Now all I need to do is a find a man just like Shawn... mmm love him!

Watch it every Wednesday at 10/9c on USA, or watch full episodes here or on Hulu! You're very welcome :]

July 9, 2010

July Obsessions

The past few weeks have been CRAZY! First of all, my stupid internet provider sucks and after a series of heated phone calls, talk of hackers, and no help whatsoever, my mom decided it was time we switched to Comcast. Then I had the craziest 4th of July weekend of my life! It was a blast... literally... but honestly it was possibly the best 4th of July ever. I'll tell you all about it in my next post. Now that I've caught up on some much needed sleep and had some time away from the blogosphere to think, here are things I'm diggin' this gorgeously blazing JULY! Also known as my all time favorite month ever!!

1. Dave's Killer Bread
Dave is a cool guy. He makes the most heavenly bread on Planet Earth, and I'm not joking. I eat this stuff like candy. When I arise in the morning, the first thing I think of is Dave's Killer Bread. I eat his bread while I'm on break at work, I put honey on Dave's bread, I make turkey sandwiches out of Dave's bread, I dream of Dave's bread. Did I mention it's organic?

What is really cool about Dave is that he used to be a convicted criminal who served 15 years in prison. Then he turned his life around and now makes the yummiest bread in all of history. I'm pretty sure when God sent manna to the Israelites after they left Egypt, He had this guy whipping out these in Heaven.

I personally recommend the Good Seed kind... it's SO good! I got it at Costco.

2. Panama Jack Green Ice & doTERRA Lavender Oil

I went to the pool last week and made the lovely decision not to put on sunscreen. Yeah... bad idea. I went to work right after and I was fine for a while, but then the burn started to set in; I was bright red. When I got home the first thing I did was run upstairs to put this stuff on. 
I bought my bottle of Panama Jack aloe vera last summer and it was a serious life saver. It also smells really, really yummy. Kind of woodsy and earthy. I love it.

I started lathering it on when I remembered... hey, I have lavender oil that takes away sun burns. So I added a few drops to the glob of aloe vera and I was set. The concoction took the burn right out. When I woke up the next morning, my burn was completely gone, except for one spot I couldn't reach on my back. Miracle!

3. Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil
I know talking about tanning oil right after my sh-peel on how sunburned I was last week is a bit ironic, especially considering this is probably the reason I got burned, but I couldn't help myself. I think the reason I love it so much is because it smells just like summer should; coconut, banana, pineapple and sunshine. Not to mention it totally moisturizes your skin and makes you feel like a sun goddess when you wear it.

4. The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
This is hands down the best book I have ever read. A few different people recommended it to me so I thought I would give it a try. The first few chapters left me so confused but the more I read the more everything weaved together and I just loved every moment of it! It's one of those feel good books that will definitely change your life!
I literally cried when I was done because I was so sad it was over. The only other time I've ever done that was when I read the last Harry Potter... now that's saying something.

5. Pretty Little Liars
Okay, so it's a tad cheesy, but I really like it. The whole concept is really neat and Mr. Fitz is a babe. enough said.