November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

This weekend has been amazing to say the least. I spent Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family and we had a great time. I wish we did more together because I miss everyone :[ It was at Aunt Sue's house and the food was amazing! It was so nice to catch up with everyone and see what they have been up to lately. There is just something about being with family that makes you feel so content. I love it! There was the usual political debate at the dinner table but it was entertaining to say the least. After dinner we all ran outside to see the space station. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It was going by so fast and someone said that it circles the entire Earth in about an hour and a half! I can't even imagine what that would be like. Looking up into the star sky, I felt so small and insignificant, but at the same time I felt like a part of something much bigger. Being with family just puts everything into perspective.

This morning my mom woke me up at 6 to go shopping. We went to Shopko and South Towne Mall. Man, there were some awesome deals. At Bath and Body Works they had a buy 3 get 3 free sale... my mom and I discovered that when you buy the new Twilight Woods lotion you get the shower gel for free. So we ended up buying 3 lotions, and getting 3 more lotions plus 6 shower gels for free! Talk about a deal! I also got some new clothes at Forever 21, toys and treats for Brody, and Snuggies for my grandma's haha. Yes, I did jump aboard the Snuggie train... shame on me!

Today, after shopping with mom, we went down to Mount Pleasant to have Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family. I love all of them so much :] We always have a ton of laughs together. Grandma always makes the BEST dinners ever, so lets just say I ate a lot haha. After dinner we always play Bingo. Grandpa calls out the letters and then whoever wins gets to pick a treat out of a basket. It was hilarious because the adults and kids were sitting at separate tables and the whole 1st half of the game the adults won every time. And then Collin moved over to the adult table so he would have a chance to win and right when he did the kids table started winning. We called him a jinx the rest of the night haha. But while we were playing I just started looking around and I could picture everyone still being little and throwing a fit when someone else won. It is so strange because now Taylor is married and Lexi is engaged. It was even stranger to think that that's going to be me someday. Time flies by so fast.

November 15, 2009

Disney College Program... Do or Don't?

To move to California, or not?... that is the question.

I really want to take up this opportunity to intern at Disneyland, but I'm so worried I'll make the wrong decision that I can't think straight! My mom talked to a lady in my ward that said it is really rare to get into this program because they only accept 200 people per term. So I should take it, right?

I have wanted to move to California for the longest time and this is probably my only chance. But I would be gone for 8 months and I don't know how I would do being away from home for that long.

Things I will miss if I go...
- I would miss my dog. He is my best friend and I am afraid if I go he won't recognize me when I get back.
- My family. For some reason I can't imagine myself not being at the dinner table every night... that would be so weird. And there is always the possibility that my family will pick up and leave while I'm gone haha.
- My Grandma. I've taken care of her since summer and I think if I leave she'll snap and get sick again. I told my mom this and she told me not to live for Grandma, but I have to live for myself. It sounds selfish but in a way she's right.
- My best friend Rachel. Rach is the best friend in the whole world and it would be SO hard to be away from her for so long. We see each other almost everyday and I will probably cry every night that I'm gone because she won't be there with me :[
- My own bed.
- "Barbie Ken"

Reasons I should go...
- It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I know I will never forgive myself if I don't try.
- I won't have to be in Utah for the dreaded winter months. I hate snow, Anaheim doesn't have any :]
- This is probably my only chance to move out before I get married. I want the experience of living on my own.
- My apartment is 30 minutes from the beach. Nuff said.
- I would be in Disneyland everyday.
- I would meet TONS of new people from all over the world.

Things I'm worried about...
- Getting weird roomates.
- Not making any friends.
- Hating my job and therefore ruining the magic of Disneyland.
- Getting sick and not having my mommy to take care of me :[
- Missing out on family moments.
- Starvation.

Whew! Venting feels good. I have been researching the apartment building I would be staying in and it is SO nice! Here are some pictures...
The building.
The living room and kitchen.
Bathroom and outdoor courtyard.

November 13, 2009

Fall Obsessions

Happy Friday the 13th!

You know, this whole blogging thing is actually kind of fun! I am well aware that no one even reads my blog, but it's nice to have. I used to be one of those girls who just HAD to write in her journal every single day. Yeah... that doesn't happen anymore. The last time I wrote was like... January? It just takes too much time that I don't have already. And besides, I type faster than I write so this is naturally easier.

But anywho, there are a few things I haven't been able to get out of my mind as of late and I'm going to share them now...

Cafe Normandie... my new obsession. 

I take care of my grandmother a couple days every week and we visit the Normandie on a regular basis. The food is beyond amazing and don't get me started on the deserts.  I absolutely love it :]
MMMMMMM Monte Cristo... I could die just looking at it.

 Stephen's Gourmet Pumpkin Spice Hot CoCoa...
It's like heaven in a mug. I'm not kidding, it really is. I'm actually drinking some as we speak in my super cute Mickey Mouse mug :]

Gossip Girl xoxo...
I admit it, I love Gossip Girl. My friend Taya got me into it over the summer and ever since, I've been hooked. We have GG parties every Monday cause we're cool like that. My favorite character is Blair (for some reason). Mainly because she has the cutest clothes all the time! I wish I wasn't a poor, starving college student so I could dress like she does.

November 12, 2009

First Post!

Well, here goes nothing...

I have wanted to start a blog for quite some time but never had the time. I've been down with a cold for the past couple of days and decided it was now or never.

So here we go my friends. Get ready to be amazed!!

I thought I would start out by summing up the top 5 things that have happened to me since June... (in no particular order)

1. I graduated from high school!! It was probably the best day of my entire life, I couldn't wait to get out of that place. Don't get me wrong, high school was great, but I was fed up all the drama that comes a long with it. Throwing that cap into the air was one of the greatest feelings I have ever had.
Rachel, Jo, and I

 2. I went to Southern California twice. The first time was in June for my senior trip. It was just my mom and I and it was SO much fun. It was nice getting away from the family for a week and getting to do whatever we wanted. We went to Hollywood, Disneyland :], and the beach.
This is us at the San Clemente Pier.

The second time I went was with my family over fall break in October. Although I love my fam with all my heart, it was much more fun with just my mom and I haha. But we still had a blast. It was really neat because both Disneyland, and California Adventure were decorated for Halloween. They also had an amazing Halloween firework show.
Goofy is my favorite :]
Best beach in the entire world- Crystal Cove. <3 it!

3. I started college! I'm officially a sophomore at the University of Utah and I absolutely love it! My classes are great and I'm meeting lots of new people. College life is so much better than high school life. I'm done with classes by noon and then I have the rest of the day to do whatever. The best part has been the football games :] The team isn't as good as it was last year but they are still amazing. Go Utes!
      Taya, me, and Rach at Crimson Nights. | Us girls at one of the games!
Sunset at one of the games.
Me and Rach at the Blackout game on Halloween.

4. I went on a road trip with Rachel and Jeff to Oregon for the Utah v. Oregon football game. It was a blast! We lost the game but it was still so much fun. I had never been to Oregon and it is such a gorgeous place.
Road Trippin with my two favorite allies ♫
Most gorgeous sunset I have EVER seen.
Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn ♫...

At the game, it was really misty. lol
We were sitting right next to the UO student section... it was intense to say the least. No one knew what a Ute was, I got proposed to by a drunk jewish guy, and I'm pretty sure Dwight Shrute was on the row behind us. It was a great game despite the loss.

5. I applied for an internship at Disneyland through the Disney College program a few weeks ago. I had to fill out a bunch of papers online and then I had a phone interview. I guess it's pretty hard to get into and guess what? I got a call yesterday afternoon and they told me I'm in! I have a week to decided whether I want to do it or not... I want to soooooo bad. There are just a few things that I have to think about before I make a decision. They want me to be an attraction hostess, so basically I would be a worker at one of the rides. They also offered me housing. It's pretty much a Disney dorm and the they look way nice! One thing I'm worried about is the fact that I would be gone from January until August which is a pretty long time. I guess I'll see what happens :]
(Sorry :[ no pictures for this one)