June 5, 2012

Everything bright and beautiful...

Just a few little things I'm especially grateful for today:
  • My AMAZING boyfriend! I love him like c r a z y. How many guys these days tell you how much they love you, and that you're beautiful, every chance they get? We've gone on so many adventures since our first date 7 months ago: countless hikes, Disneyland!, Lagoon, fishing, Sundance, snowboarding, the list goes on and on. Sorry ladies, but this handsome devil is taken.
  • My new job at a brand new (multi-million dollar) library! With all new co-workers that are the nicest people you'll ever meet (such a welcome change)! And did I mention it's not only a library, but also a rec center, a senior center, a cafĂ© and a park?? Such a fun place to work. 
  • I'm going to Europe in 13 days! 13!!! Words can't even describe how excited and anxious I am to finally go! I booked this trip about a year and a half ago, so I'm more than ready to hop on that plane and travel around Europe for a month with a huge group of strangers. Which is kind of scary, but I'm excited to meet everyone and make new friends that I'm sure I'll keep my whole life.
  • It's finally SUMMER, my f a v o r i t e season! Bring on the sandals, tan lines, warm nights, lemonade, bbq's, country music, fireworks, and lazy days by the pool (and a month in Europe, of course)! This summer is sure to be the best yet.
  • This quote I found on Pinterest last night. Don't you just love finding inspiring words that describe exactly how you feel?