February 21, 2012

Keep Smiling

Just a few things that keep me smiling:

♥ Sunday movie dates with the boy.
♥ Waking up to a cupcake and your family singing 'Happy Birthday'.
♥ Crossing off the days left until the move to the new library.
♥ Dancing to the Backstreet Boys at full volume in the car with your bestie.
♥ Yoga pants and cozy sweaters.
♥ Waking up to a foot of fresh snow (and being excited for some reason).
♥ Knowing you're only a week away from going to Disneyland for 24 hours straight.
♥ Snuggling with Brody every morning.
♥ Making german pancakes and watching The Bachelor with the bestie.
♥ 80's dancing with your group of friends.
♥ Getting Monday off.
♥ Watching Moulin Rouge for the 50 billionth time.
♥ Bear hugs.
♥ The look in his eyes.
 ♥ Heated blankets.
♥ Having gorgeous mountains right up the road that are covered in white.
♥ Listening to 'Stay With Me' by Josh Gracin on repeat.
♥ Pinterest.
♥ Finding the BEST cake recipe ever, ever, ever. Seriously.
♥ Shaun White gum.
♥ Holding hands.
♥ Finding your favorite ring that you thought you'd lost.
♥ Knowing you'll be off to Europe in 117 days.
♥ Learning music from Tangled on the piano.
♥ Going to dinner with the family.
♥ "Goodnight beautiful" text messages.
♥ Knowing there will be many more reasons to smile tomorrow :)

February 15, 2012

Life Lesson #43

February 8, 2012

February Obsessions 2012

I haven't done an "obsessions" post for a very, very long time. So I thought it was about time I posted a new one. And seeing as how my February Photo Challenge didn't really work out, I thought I should try and do something to make-up for it.

If you don't have a Pinterest yet, you are deprived and severely missing out.
Pinterest is basically a website where you have boards with different categories, things like: travel, clothes, hairstyles, make-up, exercise, wedding ideas, recipes, DIY projects, etc.
When you see something you like, you pin it to whichever board you want it so you can find it later.
This website is highly addicting and very fun.
(This picture will link you to my pinterest page, follow my boards!!)

Sometimes I pin things and think to myself, "When am I ever going to actually do this project or make this recipe?". So to help motivate me into actually trying the DIY projects, recipes and hairstyles I find on Pinterest, I made a "Completed Pins" board so I can keep track of all the fun things I've tried! I highly recommend doing the same. It gives you a great sense of accomplishment when you try something new.

I have ALWAYS loved the Jazz. Growing up, my Grandpa worked at the Delta Center and got us into games for free all the time. I even went to a team dinner when Stockton and Malone were still playing! Ever since my Granpda retired, I've been to a game here and there, but never as often as I used to. 
But this season, thanks to my boy (I guess I can call him that?), I've been to 3 home games so far this season! And we've won every single one! 
Last week we went to the Lakers game, and oh boy was it a riot! I think Kobe Bryant is a dirt bag, so booing him every time he touched the ball was fun. The Lakers head coach got ejected from the game during the 4th quarter for harassing a ref. It was basically a 3-point game the entire time, so it was very exciting. And did I mention that we won by 9 points?? So fun. I love the Jazz!

3. Neutrogena Triple Moisture Hair Care
This stuff is amazing. Ever since I put blonde highlights in my hair, it's felt really stiff and dry. I had tried all different sorts of shampoos and conditioners trying to nurse my hair back to it's former self, but came up empty. But then one day I was at Walmart when I stumbled upon this brand. My hair is in even better shape than before I got highlights. It smells really good too :)
Just make sure if you try it to make extra certain you wash all of the conditioner out, it likes to stick in your hair and can make it kind of greasy-feeling if you don't rinse it all out.

This blog is really neat. People from all over submit things they have listed on their bucket list. The author of the blog makes each one into it's own picture. It's really fun looking through them all and finding things that are on your bucket list too.
I even have a board on Pinterest dedicated for the things on this website that I want to cross off my list. And when I do them, I move them over to my "Completed Pins" board :)

5. New Music
Here are some songs from a few bands I just can't get enough of.





.fourteen days of love

My dear friend Catherine, author of one of my favorite blogs, The Meaningful Pursuit Amid Aimless Wanderings, has been doing a 14 day guest post leading up to Valentine's Day, all about LOVE!! Today was my turn to guest post! Go check out her entire Fourteen Days of Love collection here

I'm certain you will enjoy everything her blog has to offer. She is so talented, determined, gorgeous and one of the sweetest girls I know. I've always had blog envy because she can take the simplest ideas and make the most inspirational and lovely posts about them. So go take a look :)

February 4, 2012

February 3, 2012

3. Hands

In loving memory of my sweet baby sister who passed away 18 years ago today. 
I'll always love and miss you, Shelby 

February 2, 2012

2. Words

February 1, 2012

1. Your view today

This is essentially my view for 4 hours everyday. It's a love/hate sort of relationship, mostly love though.

February Photo Challenge!

Let's be honest here, February is a dreadful month. I am always looking for ways to get through this month without loosing my mind every year. So this year I'm doing the February Photo Challenge! (Plus, I've been extremely lacking in the blogging area the past few months, so it'll give me something to write about). Expect the first post tonight! Happy February!