February 21, 2012

Keep Smiling

Just a few things that keep me smiling:

♥ Sunday movie dates with the boy.
♥ Waking up to a cupcake and your family singing 'Happy Birthday'.
♥ Crossing off the days left until the move to the new library.
♥ Dancing to the Backstreet Boys at full volume in the car with your bestie.
♥ Yoga pants and cozy sweaters.
♥ Waking up to a foot of fresh snow (and being excited for some reason).
♥ Knowing you're only a week away from going to Disneyland for 24 hours straight.
♥ Snuggling with Brody every morning.
♥ Making german pancakes and watching The Bachelor with the bestie.
♥ 80's dancing with your group of friends.
♥ Getting Monday off.
♥ Watching Moulin Rouge for the 50 billionth time.
♥ Bear hugs.
♥ The look in his eyes.
 ♥ Heated blankets.
♥ Having gorgeous mountains right up the road that are covered in white.
♥ Listening to 'Stay With Me' by Josh Gracin on repeat.
♥ Pinterest.
♥ Finding the BEST cake recipe ever, ever, ever. Seriously.
♥ Shaun White gum.
♥ Holding hands.
♥ Finding your favorite ring that you thought you'd lost.
♥ Knowing you'll be off to Europe in 117 days.
♥ Learning music from Tangled on the piano.
♥ Going to dinner with the family.
♥ "Goodnight beautiful" text messages.
♥ Knowing there will be many more reasons to smile tomorrow :)

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  1. okay. this just makes my heart smile. i love it so much!!! :)


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