January 26, 2010

Banksy Visits Utah

Don't worry, I didn't know what a Banksy was either until a few days ago. But then the infamous graffiti artist visited Utah and tagged a bunch of buildings in Salt Lake and up at Park City and caught my attention. Turns out he is a world renowned artist from Great Britain and his artwork is all over the world. He visited this corner of the globe this week during the Sundance Film Festival and got the whole state talking. My photography teacher told my class that he is the only artist in the history of forever that has had at least one piece of artwork in every major museum at one given time. And most of those museums didn't even know his artwork was there because he put it up himself. How cool is that? Want to know something even cooler? No one knows who he really is, no one has ever seen him. I do love a good mystery :]

These are some of the things he has done here in Utah.
Here are a couple of other Utah ones...

The rest are from various places around the world.

And my personal fav...

All of these pictures were taken from Banksy's official website

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  1. Those are some really powerful and really cool pictures. Love your blog!


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