January 9, 2010

January Obsessions

I'm feeling a little stressed right now and I need to do something to keep my mind off of my crazy life. So what better way than to distract myself than with my recent favorite things, right?

Obsession #1 - Pace Bars

I got my wisdom teeth out approximately on Wednesday and therefore, I have been a slave to all things frozen. Nobody wants puffy chipmunk cheeks. My lovely Aunt Janell is the most amazing person in the world and brought me my favorite kind of popsicles that morning. Pace Bars are more than amazing, there isn't even a word to describe how extraordinary they are. Lucky for me, they are made and sold in Utah so I can eat them whenever I want. They are made out of real fruit juice and don't taste syrupy like most other popsicles. They also make my favorite flavor which they call Tiger's Blood, but I call Strawberry Coconut because that's what the logo for this flavor is. Unfortunately, I couldn't find actual pictures of Pace Bars, and it's almost 2 in the morning so I think it's a fair to say I'm too lazy to take the picture myself.

Obsession #2 - Exotic Coconut lotion and body spray from Bath and Body Works.

Lotion                                                                               Body Spray
 I was at the mall last week and was on my way out when I passed by Bath and Body Works and decided to pop my head in, put on some yummy lotion, and then leave. That's when I saw it... my all time favorite Bath and Body Works flavor which I hadn't seen in the store for months staring me in the face! But wait, it gets even better! Both the lotion and the body spray were only, drum roll please....... $3!!! I might have screamed out loud and gotten several strange looks, but I didn't care. I asked one of the workers why they were so cheap and she told me that they were discontinuing the line *tear* and needed to get rid of everything they had in stock. Needless to say I bought many of the last, precious, perfectly lovely bottles and went home completely satisfied. 

Obsession #3 - Avatar
Yes, it is 3 hours long. And yes, I have seen it twice already. And yes, I will probably go see it again. It is just so good! And it's in 3D so it makes it even more awesome! I want to be one of the Navi so I can run through the forest naked and be super tall. Being able to fly on dragons and have a tail wouldn't be too bad either. Not to mention having blue skin with glow-in-the-dark freckles.

Obsession #4 - Amazon.com

I have sold all of my old textbooks on Amazon and have made enough money to cover nearly all of my textbook costs for next semester. Can you see why I'm so excited? I bought one book for like $20 and sold it on Amazon for $70. Amazon buts the 'amaz' in amazing. If you have hundreds of textbooks you are never going to use again laying around your house, I suggest selling them on amazon because it's SO easy and then you will have money to go on a shopping spree or something :]

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