February 6, 2010

#4 Take an art class

My wonderful aunt Janell gave me the best birthday present ever! She signed me up for a glass making class so I could cross it off of my 20 before 20 list! I went to a studio called Urbanscrap Glass by Amber DeBirk in Holladay for her Valentine's Day workshop and it was so much fun. She makes lots of jewelry and belt buckles and all sorts of dinnerware. There were about 7 other girls taking the class with me and they were all really nice and made some awesome stuff. Amber has little tubs full of scrap glass that are all different colors and types that she let us sort through and pick what we wanted. I decided to make a necklace and 2 rings. Cutting the glass was a lot easier than I thought, you just score it with a little tool dipped in oil and then use special pliers to snap it into the shape you want it. I even got to wear safety glasses! Here are a few pictures of the things I made... sorry they are kind of fuzzy because I took them with my phone.
This is the necklace, sorry it's so blurry.

The things I made still need to be put in a kiln and the metal parts need to be put on but they should be done by Wednesday or Thursday next week. I can't wait! When I get them back I will put up some pictures of the finished product.
Thanks Janell! You are the best :]

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