March 5, 2010


Looky what I got! My lovely blogger friend Holly who writes Love Imagine Create awarded it to me and it made me feel so special! I love to hear that people enjoy my little blog because I have so much fun writing it and I'm so happy people actually read it and get something out of it! So the deal is that I share 7 little known facts about myself and then pass the award onto someone else... so here it goes!!

1. I really wish I wasn't allergic to cats so I could have a tan one and name it Mufasa, and a black one and name it Bagheera. I don't even like cats, I just think it would be cool to have an excuse to say, "MUUUUFASA!!!" every time I come home.
2. Everyone who knows me already knows this but I am OBSESSED with Disney. I can relate almost every life experience to a Disney movie... no joke. A few weeks ago I went to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts on campus with a friend and after we had been there for about 20 minutes he turned to me and said, "My goodness, you really are a Disney freak aren't you?" And I said, "What would make you say that?" He said, "Well, when we first walked in you pointed out that bird and said it looked like the ones in Aladdin that Jasmine set free, then you said that painting over there reminded you of the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean, then in the Native American section you said a sculpture looked like Stitch, and need I mention the whip we saw that made you want to go on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland?" Touch√© my friend.

3. I desperately wish I could relive the 90's. Growing up during that decade was seriously so much fun and I miss it SOO bad! The fashion was simply too cool for words, TV was always good, and don't get me started on the music. We had Super Nintendo's, Squeeze It's, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Rugrats, Nickelodeon, jelly shoes, scrunchies, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, GigaPets, Mario Cart, Britney Spears, Troll dolls, Polly Pockets, Gushers, Bop It's, Boy Meets Girl, Lunchables, The Nanny, Full House, Goosebumps, Magic School Bus... I could go on for hours. (Go here for more!)

4. I'm a hopeless romantic. It's quite sad really. I'm a sap for anything with a good love story. So much in fact, that I have a horribly unrealistic view on love. Which is quite unfortunate considering 99.99% of men these days are no where remotely close to living up to my expectations. Hopefully someday my Prince Charming will come and save me from myself.
5. I secretly wish I could get a tattoo. I never will because: #1 my body isn't mine to decorate however I wish, and #2 I am deathly afraid of needles. But if these things weren't an issue I would want something on my wrist. Only black, because I think colored tattoos can look trashy sometimes. Or I would so get a Mickey somewhere... like the hidden Mickey's all around Disneyland! Oh dear here I go again! LOL
6. I'm Mormon and not a Republican. Go figure. People practically gasp when they find out. I'm pretty much a walking contradiction but I find satisfaction in that. Almost my entire family is that way and it's somehow comforting to know that we are a little different than the majority of people here in our good old state of Utah.
7. I may not look like it on the outside, but I have always been, and forever will be, a nerd. I grew up pretending I was a dinosaur, I collected Pokemon Cards, I once asked for a recycling bin for Christmas, and I kept a cardboard cutout of Gimli and Legolas in my room for years. I think Avatar the Last Airbender is cool, I cried for 2 hours straight after I finished the 7th Harry Potter, I think suspenders are classy, and I even find myself wishing I had bad vision just so I can wear glasses. 

So there are my 7 confessions. Now it's my turn to pass the torch on to someone else and I pick my cousin Lindsay! Her blog Lindsay Blog is incredible to say the least. She is an amazing artist and I am always so jealous of the things she comes up with. Her and I share a similar sense of humor which is awesome. So here you go my gorgeous cousin! Now it's your turn to share 7 facts about yourself and pass along the award to someone else!


  1. YOU. JUST. MADE. MY. DAY!!!!

    I agree with you that we share a sense of humor, for sure. In fact, the more I read your blog, the more I feel we have in common!

    OK! So I'm tagged. I'll get right on it just as soon as I can! Thanks sweetie!!

  2. Lucky I want an award :(. But congratulations sis. You have a blog Lindsay?

  3. Ok, Done! Here it is:

    Oh, and yep. I've got a blog. :-)


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