April 25, 2010


My deepest hopes are that I will live happy, and die happy.
That I'll never stay the same, 
because we were never meant to belong to one place for long.
To take risks because they make for great stories.
To learn things I'll end up forgetting anyways.
To always be associated with something that makes people laugh.
To travel to far off places and see life through different eyes.
To love, forgive, and love some more.
To learn something new about myself everyday.
To accept things I can't control.

What are your deepest hopes?


  1. I love the hopes you have listed for yourself. "To love, forgive and love some more" is definitely at the top of my list! That is something I have really struggled with in recent months!

    Thanks for this beautiful post!

  2. you said it all exactly right. <3


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