May 24, 2010


I have been wanting to do giveaways for a while now, but I also want to wait until I reach  
So help a sister out and spread the word my friends! Once I hit 50 I'll start giving out some of my favorite books, jewelry, and other awesomnesses (new word, woohoo!)!

Thanks buds! I love you all!

PS- If you have an etsy shop, or any other kind of crafty business, we can pull a switcheroo and swap! Provide something to giveaway and I'll give you free adverting for your shop! Just let me know if you would be interested, I'm sure we could work something out :]

PSS- If you could re-post this picture on your blog, that would be GREAT! Thanks!

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  1. youre going to be the next perez hilton. hahaha. i swear. love you bff!! and i'll post it to my blog, but i only have 7 followers :( haha. and im pretty sure they're the same people you have. but i will do it for my bestest friend! love youuuuu!


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