May 3, 2010

I know where you live...

You know times are tough when you can't muster the willpower to make a new blog post. This has been me for the past few weeks. They have been a weird few weeks, let me just say that. I think it's due to the fact that 1) I now have a job that leaves me pretty worn out every day 2) The weather is starting to warm up and I'm inside on the laptop less and less, or 3) I have come the the realization that "Holy *expletive*, I've been out of high school for a year now and I'm half way done with college!" I'm practically a legit adult now... how the crap did that happen?

Despite the lack of blogger contact, a lot has happened since I last posted...

So I met this guy from school in January and we started hanging out and going on dates quite a bit. This went on for a couple of months until one day in March he gave me a call to tell me that he had met another girl and they were together so "we could only be friends now". This news kind of shocked me because 1) we had spent a lot of time together, and 2) he was always talking about how he didn't like commitment and liked to take things slow. Luckily the shock wore off after a day or two when I realized he really wasn't worth my time. The reason I'm bringing this up now is because I found out last Sunday that, drumroll please... him and his girlfriend are now engaged. Yeah I said it, engaged! After knowing each other for less than 2 months. GAG! Can I just say that I dodged the freakin' bullet on this one?? It's just weird to think that two months ago this guy was my cuddle buddy and now he's practically a married man. Gross.

Speaking of crazy people, on Monday I had some random dude I've never met in my entire life show up at my work with a bouquet of flowers and a box of candy with a note that read, and I quote,

"Hi Jay-
I was passing through and thought that you could use a pick me up! So enjoy the treats and have a great evening at work. It was nice to meet you :)
P.S. Yes, I did just go through all of this just to meet you :) Cheers!"

*Name has been changed so this dude doesn't find me and kill me in my sleep.

Umm... talk about CREEPER!!!! Luckily he just gave them to one of the librarians and I didn't have to see this weirdo face to face. I was thoroughly creeped out the entire day. I was looking over my shoulder every two seconds just waiting for someone's face to appear between the rows of books.

Now that school is out, it's time for finals... aka "Freak, I Never Actually Learned this Shiz" (I was going to use the real words but remembered that family reads this, hehe.) Not that I've studied much... it's just a wonderful excuse to attribute my mood to. My last final is Thursday... have I studied for it yet? Nope! Will I study anytime between now and then? Maybe... if I'm lucky.


  1. What if the guy with the flowers is totally hot and nice? Did the librarian who he dropped them off with say what he was like? It is kind of creepy but it's kind of romantic. Maybe not, I dunno. Good luck on finals!

  2. Haha Julia, your blog is hilarious. I absolutely love reading it!!

  3. bahahaha. your life makes me laugh.... and cry.... then laugh again! :D

    oh best friend. i love you. you crack me up.

  4. bahahaha. your life makes me laugh.... and cry.... then laugh again! :D

    oh best friend. i love you. you crack me up.


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