August 12, 2010

#1 Go on a road-trip - DISNEYLAND!

While my friends road-tripped their way to Disneyland in California, I had to work :[ But when the weekend came I took a flight to Long Beach and joined them at the Happiest Place on Earth! Best weekend of my life? I do believe so.

There is no other place I love more than Disneyland, call me a freak, but it's true. My parents first took me when I was 4 years old and I have been in love with the place ever since.

The first day we were there, we had a Magic Morning, which means you got to go into the park an hour before everyone else. We tore that place up! Here we are waiting in line for my all time favorite ride... Indiana Jones!

We went on all the most popular rides, then headed over to California Adventure to get our Fast-Passes for World of Color. While we were waiting in line, Minnie just so happened to stop by!
Minnie and myself.
Did you know Minnie's real name is Minerva?

While waiting in line for Toy Story Mania...

That night we had ice cream for dinner and saved our spots for the World of Color... aka the best freaking thing I've ever seen! Here is a video I took... it's kind of long, so if you want to watch the best part skip to about 2:23 and watch the very ending. 

Later that night, after the World of Color, Rach and I had a dance party in the front of California Adventure and then everyone watching joined in and we had a full out party! We didn't get back to the house we were staying at until midnight that night.

The next morning we didn't get to Disneyland until noon because we were so beat from the day before. We had a blast! We stayed in Disneyland the whole day and rode almost every ride.
All of us with Tinkerbell.
Space Mountain fun!
Splash Mountain!

That night we watched both shows at Disneyland, Fantasmic, which is on the Rivers of America, and then Magical, which is at Cinderella's Castle.

Having to come home to reality after a weekend in a place where you can leave all your cares and worries behind was definitely hard, but I'm planning on going back again real soon :]

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