September 28, 2010

Lovin' Life!

It's nearly 1 in the morning and I have to be up in 6 hours... but instead of sleeping what do I decide to do? Add pictures to my blog of course! So you better enjoy this because I'm going to be a complete beast in the morning!

Life is great. I love college, I love my friends, I love the fam. What more could a girl ask for, right?

The first 4 photos were taken in Utah County of all places *GASP*! I know you're wondering how RayCray and I possibly survived our little excursion "down south" wearing our U of U attire without getting curbed by Cougar fans? Well, one flat tire and a ride on Buzz and Winnie the Pooh later, we made it back to the 801 sound and safe.
Me reading what to do with a flat tire.
 Corn Nuts and Hershey's Cookies in Cream... Ray's set.
 I find Mr. Lightyear very attractive, okay? Give us some privacy please.
Pooh Bear's expression either says he is bashful, or a perv. You decide that for yourself.

One beautiful Sunday afternoon, the fam decided to head up the canyon for a hot dog and s'more roast... it resulted in Indiana Jones torches and Kung-Fu action. Be jealous.
 You're probably as amazed as I was to see my leg that close to my face. I should join the cheerleading squad.
 The FAM! Brody was disappointed that he wasn't in this picture... so he asked me to add this lovely number to el blogo...
What a stubby little stud.

A few years ago, my Gooma and Goompa moved down to a very small town in Central Utah. So our visits down there are quite exciting to say the least...
 I mean, come on! Screw Tobey Maguire... I am SPIDERMAN!
Harrison apparently loves you... creeeeps.
Goompa and Gooma at the Little Grand Canyon... or as the locals like to call it "The Wedge" 
 Me attempting to channel my American Indian roots.
 We found a mine where the feds blew stuff up. It was neat.

There is nothing more American than going to the fair!
Over-priced rides, footlong corndogs, and gangbangers at every turn. Now that's what I call classy entertainment.
 We became news anchors... no big deal.
 We just love the fair so much! *tear*
 I thought I'd add some of my sweet photography skills to this baby.

Us PSI girls know our way around a can of spray paint and a t-shirt from Walmart.
 This weekend we had our PSI retreat at a Cabin in Park City and decided to trap all the pledge girls in the upstairs bedroom by making the stairs into a saran-wrap and fruit leather combo slide complete with used cups and half drank water bottles. It was 4 in the morning, okay?
One girl actually cried over this... talk about "TAKE A MIDOL!" Geez.

I saved the best for last... UTAH FOOTBALL!! It's pretty much my life. 
Throw up your U's! 
I may or may not have a little crush on the quarterback... I just wish he'd shave his mexistache.
Steph=white Me=white Catherine=white Jessi=BROWN! Jealous.
 On our way back to the car there was an old man walking down the middle street, so we walked behind him so no one would run him over, and then RayCray told a fire truck to slow down... it was great.
 Yes. I am indeed wearing a headdress... and yes, our loins are illuminated and it appears that we are flying. Don't ask why cause I have no idea.


  1. HAHAHA and yes, our loins are illuminated!

    love youu!

  2. Take a that SO much. I hope you don't talk on your phone and drive. I'll yell at you. Tonight we are taking a quiz. Tomorrow is Girl's Night. Friday we are going on a date!!! Can't wait to see you!!!

  3. Also...I am not just white in that picture...I'm like albino! Jess is a freakin' black woman!


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