October 22, 2010

#18 Wear University of Utah attire to BYU's campus and cause some trouble.

Last night my sorority dressed up in our finest University of Utah attire (I wore my Ute headdress) and made the long journey 50 miles south to Brigham Young University, our biggest rival and the most horrible school in the world. Our goal was to catch as many Cougars as we could, and take them to get ice cream. 

It was quite an eye opening experience... we felt as if we had been transported to a different universe, and we pretty much were. We wandered around the campus, getting countless strange and angry stares from people, many rude insults, a few jokes, and a whole lot of awkward vibes.

Here are some pictures of our journey...

 ^These guys were jerks... especially the one in the mustache.^
"We're wearing our CTR rings... does that count?"
 Deep in enemy territory,
 ^I talked the guy on the left into transferring to the U because we are far superior to BYU and just more awesome in every possible way you could imagine... espeically football. He had a strange obsession with Shamu... just though I'd add that.^

We got home later than we thought, sat through hours of traffic and endured all sorts of odd smells, but we survived so I guess that's all that matters. This little trip made me love the University of Utah even more than I did, which I didn't think was possible, and made me extremely proud to be a student there!




    We won't do anything harmless to you!

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I loved being with you for #18 :)

  2. HA! That's pretty funny. Looks like you guys had fun!

  3. I'm a huge BYU football fan, but I think this is hilarious. Very cool way to kind of stick it to the enemy, even though the enemy is me. :(


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