November 16, 2010

More Than Strangers

I was feeling a bit sentimental today and decided to get out my old poetry notebook from high school. This one stood out to me today for no particular reason, but I decided to share it anyways...

It was one of those nights
when the moon was barely shining,
an invisible satellite in the black sky.
The earth's shadow like a cool blanket.
A night when the stars were too afraid
to shine.

His hand found mine in the dark.
The only light was the lonely street lamps,
and the only sound was our feet
dancing to our heartbeats
on the cold pavement.

Long years have past since that night
and your hand isn't here to hold.
I'm scared to say I miss it.
We were young,
I grew up,
We are more than strangers.

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  1. I'm usually not that into poetry, I kind of dismiss it, if you get what I mean?
    But, I really liked this, it's the sort of poem I enjoy reading and I don't have to try and decode it and read into it to really appreciate it. Forgive me if I'm completely wrong about it's meaning and I've offended you but I'm just trying to say that it's lovely :)

    Holly ♥


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