December 6, 2010

The Travel Bug

I have the travel bug... quite possibly because I've been at home all weekend with a cold so naturally I've been living on my couch watching travel shows on Netflix. One of those shows was Destination Truth. They basically go to all sorts of places all over the world searching for myths. Like leprechauns in Ireland, lake monsters in Turkey, ghosts at Chernobyle, mermaids in the Caribbean, lizard men in South Carolina... you get the picture. I want a job like that. Best. Job. EVER!

Somewhere in-between watching these shows, crocheting scarves, and playing Pocket Frogs on my iTouch (highly entertaining), I made a list of the Top 5 places I want to see in the (hopefully) near future.

1. Egypt
Going to Egypt is my absolute DREAM. Egyptian history has always been my absolute favorite: if I were to pick any time and place to live, it would be Ancient Egypt. When I go, I want to ride a camel beside the pyramids, and explore tombs in the Valley of the Kings, and sail down the Nile, and see everything in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Zahi Hawass is basically my hero.

2. Europe
I decided to group all of Europe into this category because it would fill up the rest of my Top 10 if I didn't. I want start out in the UK, considering that's where my ancestor's are from. I want to see the rolling Irish fields, the hustle and bustle of London, and reenact the battle in Braveheart in Scotland. Then I'll head to the mainland and see Paris, the Alps, visit my friends in Germany, eats loads of European chocolate, and then I'll end the visit in Italy. My second favorite history is the Roman's history. I want to take one of those cheesy thumbs up/down pictures in the Colleseum, ride on the back of some hot Italian man's Vespa, try every flavor of gelato, find the Pope at the Vatican, and throw a coin in every fountain I see. 

3. India
I think the Indian culture is quite possibly the most beautiful culture in the world. I love the bright colors and the intricate designs... I just love everything about it. After going to the Holi Festival here in Utah last Spring, going to an actual Holi Festival in India was added to my bucket list. Another thing on my list is riding an elephant through the jungle. 

4. Africa
When I was in the 9th grade, my fellow classmates and I had the daunting task of having to memorize every country of the world in our geography class. At the end of the year we had to draw and label the entire world. As frightening as that may sounds, it was one of my favorite classes. The best part was the 'Africa Song', which put all 53 countries in Africa to a catchy tune... It's basically the 'Small World' song of geography classes, you'll never be able to forget it. It's been years since 9th grade, but I can guarantee you that everyone who ever learned the 'Africa Song' can still sing every line of it today. Even though I can list every country in Africa, I couldn't tell you exactly where I want to go there. Just as long as there are adorable African children to hug, giraffes and zebras on a jeep safari, and loads of kaki attire, I'm there.

5. New York City
The Big Apple! It's one of those places that you have to experience at least once (if not more than once) in your life. My need to see the city only intensified after I started watching Gossip Girl. Now all I want is to stroll around the Upper East Side in designer clothes. Eating New York famous pizza and seeing a show on Broadway are a must as well.

These are just a few of the places I want to see before I die. All I know is that my goal is to see as many places in this breathtaking world we live in as I can. All I need now is a boat-load of cash and a passport... the passport part will be easy, finding a boat filled with cash? Not so much.

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  1. I think you gave it to me Julia. As your little sister. I would travel the world with you. But, as you can see. I am a twelve year old and won't find a pot of gold to save my life.


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