January 12, 2011

January '11 Obsessions

Last semester nearly killed me, and on top of almost killing me, it took away my time to update the blog regularly. But lucky for me, I only have classes on Monday and Wednesday this semester! WOOHOO! And that means I'll have loads more time to do more posts like this one! Which I've really missed doing, by the way.

1. Nordstrom's Beauty Counter
While I was in California, the girls and I made a stop at the Nordstrom's Beauty Counter to get the little sister a make-over. We ended up buying what the esthetician put on her, and I LOVE it!

The thing I love about these cosmetics is that they are natural and really good for your skin, but at the same time have amazing coverage and blend in a way that makes it look like you aren't actually wearing make-up! You use the brush to apply the liquid foundation, and then use the pressed powder with the same brush! Easy-peasy!

The angled brush is designed to round out the cheeks, and at the same time is great for creating shadows in your cheekbones! I'm obsessed.

When you're done putting on all your make-up, you spritz your face with MAC Fix+ to set it. It contains vitamins, minerals, cucumber, green tea, chamomile, etc. to make your skin soft, soothed, and fresh! It makes your skin look radiant and soft.
After a week, you clean all your brushes with the MAC brush cleanser. Not only does it clean and disinfect your brushes, but it moisturizes the bristles to help make your brushes last longer! Plus, they dry super fast.

2. Procrastination Websites...
The first one is great for a good laugh...
This website is HILARIOUS! 'Dear blank, please blank.' is a lot like FML and MLIA, but a million times better. I could seriously spend hours reading all the funny notes people come up with. You can also submit your own notes! I had one published once! It was an awesome feeling :] 

Some of my favorites are...
 "Dear death, Bring it bitch. Sincerely, Grandma."
"Dear Doritos, what are these chips doing in my bag of air? Sincerely, Anonymous." and...
"Dear math, Do us all a favor, divide yourself by zero and cease to exists. Sincerely, math students."


This website may not be very funny to those who have never worked at a library, but seeing as how I do, I find it highly entertaining and surprisingly very true...

They have been publishing comic strips 5 days a week since 2002, so there's a ton to sort through! So far my favorite is this one... because it happens to me almost everyday haha!
The funny thing is that I can relate to nearly all of the comics I've read so far! So every time something funny happens at work, I'm going to post one of these that relates to the situation. 

3. Dexter
Last semester I took a literature class that had the central theme of murder. Weird, I know, but it ended up being the best class I've taken so far at the U! The hot guy in my discussion group probably played a big part of why I liked the class so much, but anywho! 
So after reading everything from 'Beowulf' to the 'Lovely Bones', we ended the semester by watching an episode of Dexter. 
RayCray tried getting me to like the show a few months before the assignment in my class, and I hated it. It is super gorey and pretty crude. When my professor informed us that we would be watching it, I wasn't a happy camper. But after watching the episode we were assigned (Season 1, Episode 3), I was confused about the plot, so I ended up watching the two episodes before... and then all of season 1 and 2! 
The blood and gore still bug me, but the characters and plot lines are SO amazing! Man, I just can't even explain how well developed the characters are and how intense and complex the story is! The show is based off a series of novels by Jeff Lindsay and currently just finished it's 5th season. I have yet to watch seasons 3-5, but I can't wait to watch them! You should go watch them too! The first 2 seasons are on Netflix Instant Queue!

4. Big 5 React Gum
Yum! This is my favorite gum! It has a super intense mint flavor and lasts for hours! The best part is that the gum itself is black, which is very different and cool! Buy some, you'll like it!

If you're interested in any of these products, just click on the pictures! 


  1. Beauty counters are sooo fun! I'm glad you girls got to pamper yourselves a little bit! And I tried the React gum yesterday, love it. It lasts so much longer than other ones! Love your obsessions posts, love you more!

  2. hahah, dear blank, please blank is so funny!
    I'd never heard of it before.


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