February 8, 2011

JayMay's favorite 2011 Super Bowl commercials

The best thing about Super Bowl Sunday is, let's all be honest here... the commercials. Last year was very disappointing, so this year I was a little apprehensive about the whole operation. To my delight, the commercials this year were AMAZING! Here are a few of my favorites starting with my favorite out of all of them... so adorable.

Darth Vader Kid

What? Tommy Fell Down a Well?

Doritos Healing Grandpa

Pepsi Can Thrower

Detriot: Eminem

To see all of this year's Super Bowl commercials, click through to this website.

And it wouldn't be the Super Bowl without this special moment... I've always wanted a reason to say this.

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  1. These are all SOOO great! I loved the Audi commercial with the rich prison, I thought that was so clever! :)


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