July 14, 2011

life opens up when you do

The reason I've been a bit off the radar lately is because I've really been trying to make this summer amazing. And so far so good! I've spent the past couple of months doing all things summery and I've loved every second of it. Hence the reason I've spent more time outside than on my computer.

I guess sometimes when things are going really well you have time to stop and take a good long look at life. So far I've learned that:
A. I have no idea what I want to do with major I'm currently majoring in. No idea.
B. Hence the reason why I'll only be taking Spanish and math the next couple of semesters until I figure it out.
C. And also because I need to save up for my month long excursion to Europe that I'll be taking next summer. Win, win.
D. After going to Europe I plan on re-applying for the Disney College Program and moving my butt to sunny California. I guess the one thing I really know I want to be someday is a Disney Imagineer. 
E. After the DCP (that is, if I get in), I'll hopefully know exactly which direction I want to go in at Disney, so I can go back to school confident in my decision.

So now when people ask me what I want to do with my life, although lengthy, I'll finally have an answer. 

Change is good, right?

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  1. Give it all time :) Whatever you decide to do best friend, you'll enjoy because you'll choose something you love. Follow your heart. Love you!


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