July 29, 2011

Summer 2011 Obsessions

1. Instagram
If you haven't tried the Instagram app, you should. 
It has 16 different settings to make your photos look vintage. So fun!

2. iwastesomuchtime.com
A lifesaver when you're in class, bored, or wish to avoid responsibilities. 
(Warning: After clicking the images below, you will NOT be able to unglue your eyes from the screen for at least 2+ hours.)
I laughed so hard I cried when I found this... the real fun starts at 4:02.

3. Caramel Swirled Marshmallows
Hard to believe, but smore's just became a bigilloin times better. 
They also have chocolate, cinnamon, toasted coconut, strawberry and mint!

4. Big Band
I am addicted to the sounds of swing. And I feel like I was born in the wrong time period. I listen to it in the car, while cleaning, while working, while sleeping... Try out the Swing station on Pandora and tell me you agree. My favorites are Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey (my great-uncle Dale played the trumpet in his band!) and Frank Sinatra of course. 

5. Bali Mango
I've probably spent half my life savings at Bath and Body Works, but it is all totally worth it! Bali Mango is my current favorite, and to make matters even more amazing, it's half off online right now! It's a sister fragrance to the Fiji Passionfruit flavor that I blogged about back in February. They smell AMAZING mixed! So if you would like to take an "exotic getaway of juicy mango, sugar cane, pink passionflower and luscious nectarine", give Bali Mango a try!

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