February 9, 2010

Comment Issues? (Plus a duck!)

A lot of people have told me that they weren't able to post any comments on my posts. I think it's because I changed my template and for some reason it messed with my settings. I tried to fix it but somehow the link to post a comment is ^up top^ right beneath the title of each post instead of at the bottom of the entire post itself. I will keep trying to figure out how to move it back down to it's normal place but until then you now know where the comment button is :]

Thanks everybody!

PS- I just had to include this duck... isn't it the cutest darn thing you have ever seen in your entire life?? I thought so.


  1. Looks like I can comment again! Yay.

  2. Hey! This is a lot better than the invisible comment link and slightly better than going over to e-mail . Haha, I honestly thought I was blind and finally after giving it a good search I assumed you just didn't like comments =P. Glad you got it semi-fixed.

    And the duck works. Haha.. it seems to have a better sense of where it's headed in life than me. ;-P

    Have a great one!



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