February 18, 2010

*Sigh of Relief*

Test numero uno is done! Whew! I seriously studied from the moment I got home from school on Tuesday, until today at 5pm when I left to take my test.

I watched 6 lecture videos, read 159 pages of text book, sat through 9 1/2 of those super cheesy "educational videos" (I got through half of the last one, then gave up), took several pages of notes, and basically covered the entire time span of 10,000-300 BC in two days.

I think I even over studied a bit because my test seriously wasn't that hard. I could have very easily BS'd the essay portion.

But it feels great knowing I actually KNEW what I was talking about. I was throwing out all sorts of random crap like who Alexander the Great's father was, and how Egyptian religion dictated how they formed their government, and crazy dates that no normal person knows.

Maybe my professor will give me extra points for being extra prepared?? I don't know, maybe?

Or there is always the possibility that I only thought I knew what I was talking about, when in reality I made myself look like a total idiot...

Oh well! I guess we'll find out soon! Now I get to study for my American Indian Experiences class that I need to take by Sunday. Wish me luck!

PS- When the craziness that is this week is finally over, I will resume posting regularly. I'm planning on crossing off another item on my list very soon so stay tuned! 

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