March 22, 2010

#15 Steal a garden gnome

Meet Caesar, the Garden Gnome! And his trusty steed Gerber, the Creepy Faced Baby Spirit!
RayCray and I took him on a wild adventure throughout the Salt Lake City streets this weekend. Finding a gnome is a tough business, but luckily Rach had seen one in her relative's neighborhood. We commandeered the little guy by the cover of darkness and set out on our adventure. First stop: The Scenic Motel on Foothill Boulevard!
Next was the ever spectacular Hogle Zoo!
Then we gave him a tour of our stomping ground, the U!
No stop to the U of U is complete without a visit to the Pie! Mmmmm...
Caesar even got to ride a wild Utah buffalo!
Taking over the world... one state capitol at a time!
He even got to dance with two lovely girls at Prom! Ow ow!
Our tour of Salt Lake ended with a beautiful Avenues view of the valley.

We returned Caesar and Gerber to his family the following day complete with these pictures and a note explaining his disappearance. We wanted to take him to a few more places (Temple Square and the Gateway to name a couple) but ended up not having time. But the little gnome's adventure is something him and his family will remember for a lifetime!


  1. Awh, I love you two! I have a friend who does this with pretty much any Gnome she finds. Your pictures are great!

  2. I am scared - VERY scared. But I appreciate you taking every gnome you ever find! W.C.C.

  3. Oh my goodness....that is HILARIOUS! I love it!!!!

  4. Now I kind of want to get a gnome. In hopes that someone will one day take it for an adventure.

  5. hello, im sorry for bothering you like this, but u commented on my post on the le love blog. i just wanted to say that i admire you for beeing able to move on. To see him in your dreams and laugh. Thats really hard. i cant help smiling when i read what you wrote.

    You're so strong!

    / Niki


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