March 13, 2010

Pet Peeves

1. Milk comes from boobs... not nuts.
So I was watching HGTV tonight and became extremely annoyed when a commercial for almond milk came on for what seemed like the tenth time. Milk comes from mammals, not almonds or soy beans or rice. Last time I checked, those things have never been, nor ever will be, milk producing mammals. Why can't they just call it juice?? It doesn't even taste remotely close to milk! Posers...

2. The current "Disney Channel Stars" are LAME! Get over it.

I swear every time I turn on the radio they are playing that stupid Miley song that sounds just like that equally as stupid 'Climb' song, and Selena's 'It Comes Naturally' crap about thunder and lightening. Honestly? And then they announce that We the Kings just released a new single called 'We'll Be a Dream' and I get super excited, only to find out that Demi Lovato is in it as well. Why ruin a perfectly good song with a Disney wannabe? Miley is a skank with tattooed boobs and old men boyfriends. The JoBros at least are good eye candy, but come on... their music is horrible. Every song sounds the same. I can't wait for the day when people finally realize that these people don't deserve to be famous. Which leads right into...

3. Being famous for no reason.
I'm not going to lie, The Hills was one of my favorite shows back in the day when Lauren Conrad was still on the show. It was when Spencer Pratt came into the picture and turned Heidi Montag into *see picture above* that I decided to stop watching. Now they are writing books giving advice to other celebrities on "How to be Famous". Seriously? Somebody give these two a wake-up call!

4. Utah weather.
Yesterday it was nearly 60 degrees, sunny, and I didn't bother wearing a jacket. Today it was in the 20's, snowed all day long, and I wore so many layers I looked like I weighed 400 pounds. Tomorrow it will snow in the morning and then bounce back up to the high 50's. Welcome to Utah my friends. I blame all the people down in Happy Valley that pop anti-depressants like balloons cause this weather is bipolar. Mother Nature, please make up your mind. And if you could, make it up on being WARM! K, thanks :] 


  1. I agree with everything minus the almond milk. I think it's good. But it doesn't take place of my regular milk either. The weather in GA is the same and I have an outdoor job and I'm about to go crazy! one day it's 6 layers of clothes and the next I get a sunburn. I wish mother nature would make up her mind.

  2. I am an avid The Hills watcher, but good LORD those people are craZy!! Heidi was adorable the way she was. Now? She is just ridiculous looking.


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