March 12, 2010

Polynomials Suck

Lately I have been suffering from major writers block. I'll stare at a blank blog post for what seems like hours and drill my brain trying to think of something clever to say, only to frustrate myself to the point that I slam my laptop shut and go stuff my face with carbs. Today was no exception.

So I am just going to rant and see where this goes... 

Anyways, so I didn't sleep well last night because I did some math homework and ate a handful of root-beer flavored Bottle Caps right before I went to bed. The combination of numerical torture and sugar kept me up all night with nightmares. In these nightmares, my teacher (who was just as beastly in my dreams as she is in real life) wouldn't let me go to sleep until I finished dividing polynomials. I honestly woke myself up screaming around 3am and decided to go downstairs and watch TV. To my pleasant surprise, the Disney Channel was playing old shows I grew up loving so I stayed up until 6:30 watching them. I watched a couple episodes of Recess, The Little Mermaid series, and some Lizzie McGuire. It was amazing! For a split second I thought I was little again.

The weather here in Salt Lake City was gorgeous to say the least today. I didn't need a coat, the sun was shining, birds were singing, and I could practically smell Spring in the air. It made me SO stinking excited for Summer I could hardly stand it. I can't wait to walk outside barefoot and not have to worry about slipping on ice or wearing 10 layers to keep warm.

Speaking of sunny weather, Spring Break starts a week from today and guess who is excited? Yup, me! I'm not going anywhere unfortunately, but I am planning on going to a ton of places I have never been here in Utah. I joined a Facebook group called 'Secrets of Salt Lake City' and people post cool places they have been. There are some things that are literally no more than 20 minutes away that look absolutely insane and I have never even heard of them before! Like pioneer ruins, abandoned aqueducts, wine cellars in the mountains, tunnels beneath downtown and the University of Utah, etc. I am planning on going to some of these places and will for sure take pictures and post them up for you guys.

Also over Spring Break, my friend Rian from Ohio is coming to visit. RayCray and I met him last April at U Night and we have kept in touch ever since. He is a senior this year and considering going to the U next year so he is coming down to scope things out. I started compiling a list of places we could take him...

Swimming at Snowbird
Park City
Rock 801
In N Out
Clark Planetarium
U of U
The Pie Pizzeria
Temple Square/downtown
A Jazz Game
Studio 600
U on the mountain
Ensign Peak
Salt Flats
Jordan Commons
The Mayan
Festival of Colors
Thanksgiving Point
Kennecot Copper Mine 
The Living Room
Salt Lake City Cemetery
Parley's Hallow
Suicide Rock

Do any of you Utahns have any other ideas of cool places around Salt Lake? Muchos gracias mis muchachos! 


  1. Mmmmmm.... I love rootbeer caps. I'm seriously wondering: Can sugar really give you nightmares? If so that would be revelation for me.

    Sounds like you are going to have a busy spring break. Would love to see the pics. Have fun!

  2. So excited for spring! Spring is my favorite.

    Time to start gardening!!


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