June 10, 2010

New Blog Award! :D

First off, I would like to thank my blog friend Najwa for this award! She is the writer of Days in the Life of a Pakistani Girl and she is amazing! I love that she is out there to break down prejudices and show the world that Pakistan is a beautiful place with equally beautiful people! Thanks for inspiring me girl! :]

Now I get to pass it along to some blogs that I really love...

RayCray: Inside the Mind... You need to write more bestie because I love you!!!! 
HayleeDoll... Even though you copied my background, I still love you little sis :]
The Meaningful Pursuit... Love your blog but love you more! You're amazing!
Love Imagine Create... I have always loved your blog, so inspiring! Thanks for being my blog buddy :]


Leave me a comment and I will give you an imaginary penny for your thoughts :]