January 30, 2011

#13 Go to the Sundance Film Festival

Every January, Hollywood moves to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. This year's stars included James Franco, Channing Tatum(!), Angelina Jolie, Kate Bosworth, Demi Moore, Toby Maguire, Kaite Holmes, Patrick Dempsey, Liam Hemsworth, 50 Cent, Lil John, the boys of MTV's 'The Buried Life', Oprah Winfrey, Elijah Wood... just to name a few.
Although I've lived 30 minutes away from Park City my whole life, I've never gone to Sundance! This year I did and I LOVED it.

A view of Main Street from atop The Bridge.
"We wear our stunna glasses at night..."
RayCray and myself.
RayCray and Sammy.
"No, Rachel! Don't jump!" haha
The Trolley cruising up Main Street.
RayCray stopped to smell a Banksy flower :]
RayCray puking over the rail... just kidding.
RayCray on the ice verison of Facebook.
We sat on glowing furniture in a VIP lounge, no big deal.
This made me LOL.
Yes, this is indeed a piano connected to a bicycle. The guy on the left wouldn't move, otherwise you could see it better. But it was pretty legit. 
Yes World, this is a man-thong made out of fur. It's called "The Duke". Be amazed.

Sadly, we didn't see anyone famous. (Unless you count the guy named Bill Murray who was in fact, not Bill Murray.) But we were mistaken for famous people twice. The first time was while taking the man-thong picture: we asked some ladies walking by to take our picture and I suppose since we had a big group of people surrounding us flashing cameras, people thought we were famous so they came over to investigate. But alas, it was just us lowly Utah girls, but we felt pretty cool. 
Then later that night we were just chillin' on some steps watching people pass by and drinking hot beverages and ice cream when some random film crew came by and asked if they could interview us. People stopped to listen to us, which was kind of awkward, but also cool cause they kept starring at us like they were trying to remember us from somewhere.

Other highlights of the night include:
- Calling the same parking attendant man four times because the parking meter was broke and we didn't want to get a ticket. He was very rude... and a liar.
- Walking around pretending to have British accents for the half the night. Eventually we couldn't stop.
- The hot Italian barista at Java Cow writing my name on my Carmel Spiced Cider cup the Italian way; Giulia. He was just as delicious as my drink.
- People watching. It was so cool to hear so many different languages and all sorts of accents as people passed by. It made the world feel a little smaller.
- And finally, the random group of hippies having a drum circle in the middle of the sidewalk. 
For your viewing pleasure: (sorry it's so blurry)

Quotes of the night:
"You won't. Get. A TICKET!!!!!"

JayMay - "What did they put in this drink?"
RayCray - "A bad English accent apparently."

RayCray - "I'm going to call him up and personally invite him to meet my fist!" 
(Referring to the rude parking attendant guy.)

*Way hot guy walks by, see's my hat and says...*
"Brighton!!!! As in the Boston Brighton."
*Bewildered JayMay*
"Uh... no... here."

*Jeep almost hits us while crossing the street*
RayCray (loudly) - "I'd rather keep my legs, thank you very much!"
JayMay (also loudly) - "Yeah, I'd rather not be in a wheel chair!"
RayCray - "My feet hurt."
*Cue the man with no legs*

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